Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello all you wonderful friends, beaders, artists, and everyone out there and Happy New Year!  It certainly is flying time again--great visual imaging!  Time to fly into a new year full of happy (we hope) surprises.  Time to open the door and fall out of our comfort zones.  Time to let our spirits soar.

This year brings me a HUGE challenge--way far out of my comfort zone and very exciting!  No, it's not the challenge of learning not to use so many exclamation marks!  And not the challenge of cleaning up the house or even my magic room where I create in a tiny space because every possible surface (tables, shelves, walls, floor--you get the picture...)  is covered with stuff, stuff and more stuff for the over-stuffed.

It's the B'Sue Boutiques Build a Line Challenge!  My next blog post will have a photo and tell you more details.  But we have 3 months to work with Brenda Sue Lansdowne and the incredible people at B'sue Boutiques Creative Group to learn branding and building a product line to promote our creations and learn how to get the word out to more people about how much fun it is!  I can't reveal yet what I'll be creating--it's a secret for now-- but I will be blogging about it along the way and sharing lots of fun things with you, including how I got into this crazy life in the first place!

As time flies by, I will also be introducing you to some favorite lampwork glass, polymer clay and jewelry designers, and creators, in case you hadn't seen their work or would like to know more about it. And I'll be talking about time and flies--I mean flying and lots of other fun stuff. So stay tuned.  May you all live large and fly high to your dreams!   TTFN   <3